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Regardless of whether you are looking for the most powerful Android smartphone you can buy or looking for a new iPhone update, we are thoroughly testing it and testing it.

Best smartphone camera
I do not know how close the title “Google’s best smartphone” of Google Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X, P20 Pro, and S9 is. All four are excellent smart phones, but sophisticated design and incredible screens put iPhone, Huawei, Samsung on the upper right.

Google Pixel 2 XL is a particularly good smartphone. Especially if you like the quality of the camera and you want to get software directly from Google, especially so.
Excellent cameras, metal and glass cases, necessary power, software and virtual assistants that are fully integrated with hardware, Google has been very successful here and a wonderful phone.

In 2017, Google was named Pixel Suites in the year. Currently, Google has a clear vision of its flagship smartphone. The design is distinctive and has characters, and the edge-to-edge screen of Pixel 2 XL is the perfect choice.

Of course, if you want a smaller screen, you can also use 5 inch Pixel 2. This is the same as OG (except size and screen).

2. Honor 10
Best available smartphone
The Honor 10 is a wonderful smartphone with a youthful, hyper modern and eye-catching design with impressive features, including excellent hardware and amazing AI functionality.

The fact that the price of this mobile phone is only £ 399 is quite crazy given the material standards that are lower than those related specifically to expensive mobile phones.
The function of the AI ​​camera is also very well integrated, the camera system provides great flexibility and scope for creative photography.

In all respects, above all, a new honorary phone that shows that Chinese manufacturers are progressing from success to success.

3. One Plus 5T
In order to reverse the advantage of the big brand, OnePlus that hit the mobile world in 2014 broke down one goal is a killer lighthouse. I think that his latest smartphone OnePlus 5T ultimately achieved that goal.

OnePlus 5T brings an up-to-date smartphone trend, including impressive 6 inch edge-to-edge display and dual camera, portrait orientation. These new features include powerful and astounding specifications, ultra-fast fingerprint sensor, true premium design.

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