In the middle of this year, these are the best Android smartphones provided by Apple 2018

We are putting all these small squares in our pockets. Smartphones play an important role in our daily lives, but purchasing perfect smartphones is a difficult task. But do not worry – we are here to help you buy the best smartphone that suits you. Here is the best smartphone that can be recovered in 2018.

Best smartphone smartphone 2018: 8 inexpensive mobile phones purchased in 2018
Now you can thoroughly test all the UK smartphones with the best coverage and make the appropriate purchase decisions. This list is regularly updated. Since the latest summary of the smartphone 2018 is always up-to-date, please check more frequently as new phones arrive at the store.

On the second page of this article there is also a handy smartphone shopping guide that shows all the details you need to know when purchasing a perfect smartphone. It covers all the basics including display quality, battery life and performance.

But please read the final list of top 10 smartphones that you can purchase in 2018.
1. OnePlus 5T: the best midrange option
Price: £ 449

Once again, OnePlus 5T is the ultimate killer. Compared to the predecessor, 5T, which was released several months after the product of T company, has been improved even slightly.

With nearly the same price as the original OnePlus 5, the company was able to install the 6-inch AMOLED front edge front screen as with the Samsung Galaxy S8. There is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor handling things inside and a new dual camera with low-light photos.

Despite the low price premium, it is still a good choice, OnePlus created one of the most completed devices on the market in 2018. As fast as these flagship products pay twice the cost to you, it breathes totally new things. If you are in doubt that you will withdraw money for the latest and greatest money, please get OnePlus 5. Although OnePlus 5T offers excellent service for many years, please look at OnePlus 6 space of One-size-fits-all in detail.

2. Apple iPhone 8 Plus: Bigger is better
Price: £ 800

iPhone 8 and comparable sizes are the most expensive things to date, but making this list for a dual 12 megapixel camera is a plus. Since there is no double sensor on the regular iPhone 8, there is no double optical zoom function. He also has superior autonomy over his younger brother, so he is more reliable on that day.

Elsewhere, Apple has improved the speed and overall quality of the phone, but as expected from the new generation of smartphones, there is no big step forward. iPhone 8 Plus is the best iPhone ever, but the owner of the iPhone 7 Plus needs to stay a bit longer on the mobile phone before upgrading.

3. Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus: Complexity of expensive Android
Price: £ 869

Why is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus listening to what I am crying and crying in this list? Well, Samsung’s new flagship product may be a benchmark for the next generation Android phone, but the wallet is defective. Despite its completeness, the Galaxy S 9 Plus is ridiculously expensive.

OK, Samsung’s latest mobile phone may look like last year, but with an internal upgrade to the latest Samsung Exynos 9810 processor (or the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 if living in the US), smart Become a smartphone. Besides that, the new f / 1.5 camera also opens a new horizon for shooting low magnification smartphones. This is even better by adding twice the telephoto zoom.

Do not be wrong, it is an outstanding smartphone, but it is a package that is not highly recommended at current speed. £ 869 is the hell you pay for every phone. It does not matter how good it is. If money is not the purpose (you are lucky), there is nothing better than that.

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