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Samsung Galaxy S 9
Galaxy S 9 and Galaxy S 9 Plus are great smartphones. Variable iris is the biggest feature to differentiate from competitors. Therefore, S9 can take great photos even in dark places.

£ 739.00
Choosing a new smartphone is often a difficult task, as choices have so many choices. However, in order to make this process a bit more tolerable, I gathered ten best smartphones including Galaxy S 9, Huawei P 20 Pro, iPhone X etc. I also saw OnePlus 6 first.

How do you choose the best smartphone?

Each handset tested is tested with the same combination of actual use cases and repeatable performance tests. In other words, we test everything from battery life and the performance of the processor, to the quality of the phone and calibration of the screen during daily work.

Today, the phone is also a reference device for taking pictures and the camera is tested in every possible situation. Want to know if the phone camera not only gives an impression in bright sunshine in exotic places but also when you shoot a drunk person or even in a dull shallow light in the UK winter What? ,

Sometimes you want to know how your phone handles Netflix or video calls. Therefore, this is taken into account in the discharge test of the battery.

Among other things, we have these phones, we live with them and use those phones to discover hidden treasures.

So, now that you know how to pick the best smartphone, let’s see our strengths.

Samsung Galaxy S 9 and Galaxy S 9 Plus
You can not be wrong with the Galaxy S 9 or the Galaxy S 9 Plus, but if we have to recommend it we will bring it – because it is equipped with a dual camera . In this case, extra lenses are used for zooming, so the versatility of the camera increases.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have the same design and similar internal components, but the main difference is that you can add 2 GB of RAM to the Plus model and have a slightly larger battery and a dual configuration camera.

The biggest update Samsung is equipped with a new variable aperture setting in Galaxy S 9 and Galaxy S 9 Plus. This allows customers to switch between 1: 2.4 and 1: 1.5 apertures. The low light environment is safe and detailed.

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