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You can purchase an adapter that can install SIM or Micro SIM card in micro SIM or full size SIM card for a small amount.

1. Samsung Galaxy S 9
It is no doubt that the Galaxy S9 is the best mobile phone of the year so far. It delivers a great global experience for Samsung by skillfully combining design, hardware and software, creating a phone that appeals to all types of users.

If you really want extra cameras, big screens, and other internal upgrades, you need to spend more on the Galaxy S9 + – more RAM, storage, and bigger batteries are not noticeable.

However, improvements such as cameras and biometrics are small, S9 and S8 are the same in many respects, but it is inevitable that the price will be higher. Last year’s model users probably could not justify the upgrade and users before S7 wanted to get S8 at a lower price.

2. Huawei P20 Pro
In the P20 ‘s pro, Huawei delivered a beautiful cell phone that must be on the list of Galaxy S 9 and iPhone X. Of course, there are some drawbacks, such as lack of stability of 4K video, lack of headphone jack, lack of wireless charging, but if photography takes precedence, P20 Pro will not be disappointed.

Add this to the battery, two SIM slots, a long life of the big screen, it is one of the best mobile phones in 2018.

This is more than a regular model, so if you do not pay attention to the two rear view cameras, you save 200 pounds on a regular P20, and no waterproofing and LCD screen is needed compared to OLED.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy Note 8 is expensive, but the best thing in life is not cheap. If you can afford the price, we are really impressed by Grade 8. Until you see it, you are wondering why you choose it cheaply with the Galaxy S8 +, but the S pen justifies this price difference with just the S pen.

Performance is overwhelmed, the screen is amazing, and the picture is not responsible. Even Bixby turned out to be something other than the excessive useless functions that we were afraid.

Possible disadvantages are expensive price tags, somewhat troublesome fingerprint scanners, very large glass bodies and fragile than metal body phones.

4. OnePlus 5T
It is not surprising that OnePlus 5T is very similar to OnePlus 5 and the fact that it exists. Please recall that in 2017, all companies instantly produced a phone with a screen of 18: 9 and confirmed that Renaissa on the shelf of the store confirmed that it was not old-fashioned.

But OnePlus is not on many shelves for an online retail approach, many vocal fans who bought 5 got tired of 5T. OnePlus needed to quickly update its design language to accommodate a wider range of markets. There is still a recess in this market, 5T is a device better overall than 5.

And do not forget that OnePlus 5T of £ 449 is a very multifaceted smartphone. It is at least £ 100 cheaper than something similar, sometimes nearly £ 300 less.

You can purchase the design (without impregnation and wireless charging) and price, but this is a good choice if you accept that the camera does not have a top draw and will probably be replaced in 6 months.

5. Apple iPhone X
There are many habits on iPhone X. There is nothing that you can not get used to, Apple is sure to improve by adding corrections.

Despite some exclusive features, X is winning compared to other new iPhones. You can get an Android mobile phone at the same price and at a lower price, but this does not prevent iPhone X from becoming an excellent device in every field.

The big question here is whether you can definitely use the price. We can answer that, fortunately Apple, iPhone X is very good, why not spend that amount on the technology you are most using?

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