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Regardless of whether you are looking for the most powerful Android smartphone you can buy or looking for a new iPhone update, we are thoroughly testing it and testing it.

Here is the iPhone 8 Plus. It is probably one of the most promising smartphones this year. Some people think that it is difficult to preserve their size, but I can not deny that 5.5 inch Apple is the winner. If you like iOS for Android and you are not planning on iPhone X, this should be your first choice.

Apple adopts a design similar to the design of the iPhone 7 and replaces the metal case with a glass bottom so that it is heavier (more premium feeling). If there is a new gold color and there is a glass case on it, Apple can add wireless charging. However, S8 and the current S9 design, iPhone 8 seems to be a bit older.
iPhone 8 Plus got the biggest revision was Apple ‘s high – speed A11 Bionic processor package. Dual cameras have also been greatly upgraded, providing better sensors and intelligent software to drive them. Finally, the iPhone 8 Plus works with iOS 11, Apple’s latest and largest mobile operating system.

Because it is expensive and maybe too big for some people, the standard iPhone 8 with a 4.7 inch screen is worth your consideration.

2. HTC U11 +
The best smartphone for music enthusiasts

He shows the rest of the competition how to make high-end smartphones, his camera, his battery life and his performance is also. HTC actually worked on the evaluation of previous generations of devices and created the best flagship smartphone.
In 2018 we are a favorite smartphone whether how HTC evolved with compressible edges, made it much easier to interact with the device, and made minimal settings for Android storage.
3. LG G6
First time cell phone, without glasses, with excellent double camera
LG finally made a high-end smartphone without gimmicks. There are many features we like here – this wide angle screen is great, the glasses are small, the dual camera is very convenient. We really enjoyed it.

But it is not a perfect phone. Because LG uses the 2016 chipset, it is not the most efficient on smartphones. Android Nougat’s skin is not the best. He also feels a lower premium than his rival, feeling a little hollow for back shell.
Indeed, LG went well enough to escape last year from the failed G5, unfortunately. It was not Android’s best mobile phone in 2017, but I do not think you will regret buying it.

Do all these smartphones have a screen of 5 inches or more? With small hands? We can not reach the four corners of the screen. This is a problem that most of us encounter, but the truth is that some people like smaller phones, but they do not want to compromise with high end specifications. iPhone SE is for you.

If you have a 4 inch screen and notch that matches the iPhone 6S, such as a 12 inch rear view camera, 2 GB RAM, Apple Pay, Retina display, Apple A 9 chipset, this is a small rocket.

There are some drawbacks – the design like the iPhone 8 is not very good (SE is based on the iPhone 5), the number of megapixels of the front camera is small, the touch ID fingerprint sensor is no longer old. The best part? Despite the high end specifications, the iPhone SE is one of the cheapest smartphones Apple has sold so far. What is to love?

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Before and after Moto Z 2 Force. Displays the thinness of the phone and the metal contact of MotoMod add-on.

Best sustainable smartphone
Moto Z2 Force is a refreshing phone. It is stylish, sophisticated, durable and has the ability to survive with beats. It’s on a screen with a thick, hardened outer layer that will not break, no matter how hard you try.

This case is also quite durable, Moto Z 2 Force with a solid aluminum framework seems not to be part of the worker’s swamp. This list contains all the other devices, and the Moto Mods ecosystem is impressive.

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